domingo, 27 de junho de 2010

Comamonas testosteroni

Comamonas testosteroni is an a aerobic, motile, non-spore-forming, medium-to-long gram negative bacillus which occurs singly or in pairs and is known to use testosterone. It´s an a environmental microrganism of worldwide distribution that is found in water, soil, and on plants.
It´s not been recognized to be a component of the endogenous human microflora.

Ref: Comamonas testosteroni Bacteremia: A Case Report and Review of Literature, Abraha, JoEllyn M. MD.; Simon, Gary L. MD., PhD. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice, July 2007 - Volume 15, Issue 4 -pp 272-273. doi 10. 1097/IPC.0b13e31802ce475

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