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Cladosporium sp

Cladosporium is the most common of the so-called black molds. It produces a black pigment that protects it from ultraviolet light. This characteristic as well as its growth and dispersal characteristics is likely responsible for its presence and abundance in the environment.
REf: http://healthandenergy.com/cladosporium.htm . Acessado em 27/01/11

Cladosporium is a genus of fungi including some of the most common indoor and outdoor molds. Species produce olive-green to brown or black colonies, and have dark-pigmented conidia that are formed in simple or branching chains.

The many species of Cladosporium are commonly found on living and dead plant material. Some species are plant pathogens, others parasitize other fungi. Cladosporium spores are wind-dispersed and they are often extremely abundant in outdoor air. Indoors Cladosporium species may grow on surfaces when moisture is present
REf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cladosporium. Acessado em 27/01/11

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