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Ewingella americana

IntroductionEwingella americana is a gram negative rod, and the only species in the genus Ewingella. It was first identified and characterized in 1983. Ewingella is in the family Enterobacteriaceae. The organism is rarely reported as a human pathogen, though it has been isolated from a variety of clinical specimens including wound, sputum, urine, stool, blood, conjunctiva and peritoneal dialysate.[1] The bacterium is named in honor of William H. Ewing, an American biologist who contributed to modern taxonomy.

[edit] EpidemiologyRespiratory tract infections following retainment in intensive care units has been observed in several instances. Vascular bypass surgery is a reported risk factor for colonization.[2][3] Debate currently exists as to this organism's predilection for immunocompromised patients.[4]

[edit] Pathophysiology and BiochemistryE. americana is an organism with simple nutritional needs that can survive in water and citrate solution and preferentially grows at 4°C. Domestic sources of water including air conditioning units, ice baths and wound irrigation systems have been cited as sources of infection.[5]

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