domingo, 4 de julho de 2010

Ochrobactrum antropi

Ochrobactrum anthropi is a non-fastidious, non-fermenting, Gram-negative cocco-bacillus.It is an emerging nosocomial pathogen, which has been found in environmental and hospital water sources.It has been reported to cause bacteraemias in immunocompromised patients, particularly oncology patients with indwelling catheters.Occasionally, probably because of its ability to survive in water supplies, epidemic outbreaks occur.
Ochrobactrum anthropi is resistant to most cephalosporins and penicillins due, at least in part, to the inducible expression of a single ß-lactamase.

This organism is widely distributed in the environment, in soil, plants, and water sources including normal saline and antiseptic solutions, dialysis liquids, swimming pools, etc..

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